01 Jul, 2022

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As a part of our Team Building activities we decided to take a look back to those in need and try to make some of them smile. In collaboration with the volontary association “Ljubeznost” we prepared 58 hot meals and 30 sandwiches ready to be delivered to their front doors.

Our team had one mission , serious task that will encourage all of you to try and make a change – “Make as many families as you can happy by donating freshly cooked meal to those in need”. Fully prepared with jointed forces with the volontary association “Ljubeznost” we made it happen. Fulfiled from the start to the finish. Positive energy, good music, drinks and most important – food. Team bonding was something we looked up to since the Corona virus had hit. Knowing that many families were affected by this occasion what materially and financially we decided to make an effort and help. Prepared and ready to be delivered to those in need.

For more information on how to get in touch with our dear friends from the volontary association “Ljubeznost” and more photos feel free to take a look on these links :




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