Office Santa Claus

This New Year’s, we took a delightful turn by inviting our little ones to join in the festivities, adding an extra dash of joy to the office environment. Let’s dive into the heartwarming moments.

New Year’s Groove

We embraced the spirit of celebration and camaraderie by hosting an early New Year’s bash for our dedicated team. With a year full of challenges, triumphs, and hard work, it’s time to come together and reflect on our achievements.

Building IT Team Unity

In the fast-paced world of technology, the foundation of any successful venture lies in the strength of its teams. At SSC, we recognize the significance of a closely-knit team, especially within the dynamic realm of IT.

United in the Marathon

We believe in teamwork, determination, and pushing boundaries.

Welcoming New Talent

We’re excited to share the success of the JOB FAIR organized by Support and Solution Center MK, held at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Skopje on October 4th. The event was a fantastic opportunity for individuals interested in exploring the opportunities, benefits, and projects offered by our company.

Our work environment

Place where every obstacle can be solved with ease in a fun and productive way.

Sharing is caring

As a part of our Team Building activities we decided to take a look back to those in need and try to make some of them smile. In collaboration with the volontary association “Ljubeznost” we prepared 58 hot meals and 30 sandwiches ready to be delivered to their front doors.

Challenger trophy

Each year we take part in our annual challenger trophy event. This is no easy task, and it heavily relies on teamwork and conditioning. The conditions are always harsh, and the teams depend on each other. If one fails, the whole team fails. This team building exercise is done company wide and there have been events where 200+ people from different countries in multiple teams have participated.