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Support & Solutions Center (SSC) is an internationally oriented company founded in 2016 which provides development, ICT support, and administration/data support for large scale clients in multiple technology stacks.

We have four locations in Skopje.

Ever since our founding we have been growing exponentially, in our first year (2016) we reached 50 people, till now we reached a number of over 300 people.

SSC is strongly driven by its values. We are a leading dynamic and fast-growing company where we work on our people and the environment, they work in. We hold a high standard of quality in everything we do and that includes investing in our people to offer them abundant opportunities and possibilities to advance in their careers and an environment where they are stimulated, and creativity is highly appreciated.

Our people make the difference for themselves, their colleagues, the customer, and the company. Support from all colleagues and teams is always on an elevated level and that is thanks to our company values and the seven success factors that define the SSC persona.

We expect everyone to have a sense of leadership, urgency, context, communication, collaboration, common sense, and recognition. Factors that are explained on our home page.

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All available job positions are in the Jobs section. Just click the ‘Apply now’ button.

The qualifications need is in all job listings, but always feel free to ask questions to the applicants’ mail for more information.

Yes, we have many positions open, so chances are you fit multiple roles.

Yes, if you have the minimum requirements listed in the job description, we encourage you to apply regardless of your previous work experience. All positions are backed by trainings and support from other team members so when you start everything will be provided.

Know your basics, have a well-prepared CV, know about the position you are applying for, and read up on the materials provided by our HR team.