20 Jun, 2022

Challenger trophy

Each year we take part in our annual challenger trophy event. This is no easy task, and it heavily relies on teamwork and conditioning. The conditions are always harsh, and the teams depend on each other. If one fails, the whole team fails. This team building exercise is done company wide and there have been events where 200+ people from different countries in multiple teams have participated.

The event always starts with a bit of mystery, meaning each time the location, duration and challenge are not known. The default answer is: Where? Somewhere in Europe. Get from point A to point B and complete the challenges. Oh, yes and have fun if you can. As a reference the challengers so far have been two or three-day journeys all around Europe (France, Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland etc.). During these challenges we slept for 6 hours in total for 3 days, navigated by map (no phones/GPS allowed) through forests/mountains, plains long as the eyes can see, walked 90km+, had -10-degree weather, crossed swamps and farms (water and everything), dragged heavy backpacks, had blisters and a lot of more fun things. But in the end, it was a worthwhile experience. We helped each other as a team complete all obstacles. We shared rations of food and water because it was in limited supply. We caried each other’s backpacks when it was getting too heavy. We solved mind puzzles for extra points. We found hidden clues and landmarks, places none of us had ever visited. We hiked through all sort of terrain like, snow, water, mud, ice, dirt fields with grass as high as us. We camped in below 0 weather. We had more blisters than band aids. But we also grew stronger as a team, visited some amazing places, completed challenges we never thought we can do, we drank a lot of different beers and homemade rakija in campsite fires with people from all around the world till the brink of dawn, saw sunsets that the national geographic teams would be jealous of, and for everything else I will let the pictures in the gallery do the talking.

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