Junior Accountant

Karposh Skopje (on site)
08:00-16:00; 09:00-17:00 from Monday till Friday

Main responsibilities:

· Responsibility of the database where all external relations (customers, suppliers, public authorities,) are registered and kept up-to-date.
· Together with the chief accountant, you will be responsible for the daily accounting for several legal entities.
· Processing of purchase invoices and bank statements is one of your daily tasks.
· You will be creating and analyzing the monthly financial report for legal entities.
· Continuous communication and follow up with the colleagues from the team

In a first stage main task are:
· Process purchase and sales invoices (working with several branches KTN companies and partners for all companies of BU PORTS) in Key Entry, filling in information concerning invoices, for updating them in Financials Database.
· Book bank statements
· Receive statements of account and do payment matching.
· Working with several company databases (CITRIX: FINANCIALS- BE, BE-KI PLATO, BE-KI ACCOP, BE-KI TEREX, BE-KI SAP BPC, BE-KI NAVIBANK 2009 RTC, BE-KI-FORWARD and/or new ones to be used and applied if needed)

Later stage more tasks can be added:
· To create outstanding reports and to collect due invoices from customers for all companies
· To complete the monthly financial reporting for all companies
· To perform quarterly consolidation on group level for all companies
· To fill out forms used for KPI-purposes for all companies
· Process general ledger entries for all companies

Candidate requirements:

· University degree in economics or similar degree
· You possess excellent communication skills (written, spoken, listening) in fluent English
· You have the ability to communicate efficiently with a variety of stakeholders
·You are an excellent problem solver capable of using own initiative, but nevertheless are a team player with a positive mindset
· Advanced knowledge of Excel (combined formulas, pivot table,) and other Microsoft Office products
· Analytical, interest in numbers, ability to work in a team
· You have experience in working with databases and therefor have analytical skills
· You have the ability to work with deadlines, without losing the global overview
· Polyvalent and flexible in the given different tasks
· Attention to detail, highly accurate worker
· You can work independently within the given responsibilities
· Able to work to multiple and overlapping deadlines;
· Attention to detail/accuracy;
· Logical approach;
· Practice in working with databases;
· Review the data and input it into a computer or computer database with accuracy; strong analytical skills;
· A good vision of the development possibilities of the company;
· Able to use own initiative;
· Take responsibility for own work;
· Computer skills (MS WORD, EXCEL, Navision Software (Citrix Terex);


If you see yourself as a person who could be a valuable part of our team, don’t hesitate to apply Applicants.MK@ssc.mk (Application: Email CV with subject “Junior Accountant”). Please send us your CV in English.


About Us

Support and Solutions Center MK is a company working with large international clients, providing a range of services in administration, customer service, accountancy, IT, engineering, and more. We are an administrative logistic center serving prominent international clients in the plastics, iron & steel, paper, tires, general cargo, commodities (cacao and coffee), wood, and transport sectors. Working in this dynamic environment provides excellent opportunities for job satisfaction, as it entails engaging with our global subsidiaries and maximizing operational efficiency for our clients.